Closeness Within the Arts Community

arts community closenessArtists are a very unique group of people. In some ways, it takes an artist to understand an artist, and this fact tends to bring arts communities tightly together. Artists frequently march to a different beat than the rest of society, expressing their uniqueness through their appearance and their lifestyle. Their professional calling and life purpose is hard to understand to many people who are outside of it, which is why the arts community is often a very tight social unit.

Frequently, artists find spouses, relationships and friendships within the arts community. Artist tend to feel most compatible with other artists because of their unique lifestyle. Many other professionals cannot understand the desire to pursue the arts despite barely making money and contributing to society what might ultimately be considered extremely obscure. Artists seek out relationships with other artists to find camaraderie and kindred spirits.

Because the arts community is so tight, they tend to support each other through life hardships. When an artist is going through a time of grief or loss, their fellow artists surround them with positivity. If an artist receives a scathing review of their work or experiences a professional crisis, the rest of the arts community backs them. If an artist is going through relationship struggles, they receive support from fellow artists. The trust and friendships formed within the arts community is unbreakable.

Another important element of support between artists is in times of addiction and mental illness problems. The addiction and mental health struggles that artists face are often as unique as they are. Artists tend to fall into addiction tendencies through similar avenues and attempt to recover from it in the same ways. Artists who have recovered from addiction can be an incredible asset to artists experiencing addiction and not knowing how to defeat it.

There are a number of social systems that do an impressive job at coming together as a strong network and support system. Artists are one of these group. A number of other social organizations could take a lesson from artists on how to bring people together.