Fighting Addiction in the Arts

fight addiction arts communityThere are many struggles that are unique to artists. Addiction is universal, but many artists have very similar experiences with addiction, and therefore turn to one another for help and understanding when combating addiction. Just like every other type of vocation, artists have unique brains and personalities which often times only other artists can understand.

Artists frequently develop addictions in similar ways. Because artists are experimental by nature, their curiosity often leads them into substance abuse, sex acts and other fascinating, addictive behaviors. Many artists are naturally prone to addiction, either because it makes for an excellent escape from their volatile emotions, or because their artistic drive stems from their craving for exhilaration which can be met through highly pleasurable substances and activities. When they let these substances and activities into their lives, it can become very difficult for them to moderate their use of them.

Once an artist is addicted, they tend to start living very recklessly. In an effort to sustain the thrill of feeling alive through addiction, they engage in more and more carefree acts until they point that they are endangering themselves and others. If they are not living recklessly, they are withdrawing into their addiction, using it heavier and heavier to drown out whatever it is that they do not want to confront and cope with in a healthy way.

Fortunately for addicted artists, the arts community tends to be very tight and supportive of one another so few artists are wanting for a caring support system. Out of concern for fellow artists, it is likely that they will intervene on one of their own who is showing signs of addictive tendencies and assist them in finding ways to defeat them. One aspect of addiction that is unique among artists is their ability to use their art form to end their addictive behavior. Any artist who cares deeply about their art form will have a natural built in compass that will lead them back to devotion for their art and away from the false sense of purpose that addiction creates.